What is Psychotherapy and How does it Work?

Psychotherapy treats the person by seeking integration of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, bodily sensations and social relationships leading the person to gain confidence and inner wholeness.

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I adapt and integrate into my work specific techniques that are used in other forms of therapy. For example, I may use similar techniques to a CBT therapist when working with anxiety or mindfulness techniques when working with depression.

However, psychotherapy is not just about technique and it is not simple problem solving. Therapy does produce change in your life but not primarily because of the advice you get from your therapist.

The foundation of Psychotherapy is the relationship you build with the therapist.
Building an alliance of trust with a therapist leads to a reshaping of significant emotional experiences, and builds confidence and wholeness in both new and enduring relationships.

Research has shown that the technique the therapist uses is not as important as the relationship you build together. As therapy progresses and trust is established, you will actually use the relationship between you and your therapist as a workspace, to resolve problems in your life.

In psychotherapy, you intentionally make yourself deeply vulnerable to another human being. That is a very frightening assignment indeed. It’s my job that you feel safe enough to do this. It is this very process of self revealing and trust building that can be the means of your healing. At the end of this frightening and difficult path lies the inner wholeness you long for.

In psychotherapy, we allow many disturbing feelings and thoughts to be expressed. This is absolutely necessary to your healing. But to allow yourself to do it, you will need to have a strong feeling of trust in your therapist; you will need to feel safe.
Working with me you will be provided with a validating environment. Which means you will be met with;

  • Unconditional positive regard – leading to increased self-respect
  • Validation – your feelings, thoughts and actions make sense and are understandable – leading to increased self acceptance
  • Congruence – leading to increased trust.

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